Moving together every morning for healthier minds, bodies, and attitudes!

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“Nothing beats hearing my Kindergartner reciting the ‘5, 4, 3, 2, 1’ mantra ALL the time! She teaches it to everyone we know and is really proud of that knowledge. She has always been a good eater, but now she is interested in what makes up her meals. Are they ‘healthy choices’? Will they give her ‘energy’? Etc. Thank you, thank you Ms. Apryl for what you have done for the Overland Community. We are excited to be a part of it all. And hope to see this simple yet hugely effective concept spread across the school system.”


Overland Elementary School

“Overland In Motion helps me have a great day at school and outside of school.”

3rd Grade Boy

“Oh, it’s amazing! I have a really active boy and for him to be able to come to school, get all those wiggles out, get all his energy out and then Apryl centers them at the end, then they go into the class when they are really ready and their blood’s flowing. It’s terrific!”


“Overland In Motion helps me concentrate in school and it gets me fit for sports.”

4th Grade Boy

“Overland In Motion gets me ready to learn. We get to move and wake up and have fun.”

2nd Grade Boy

“Our house is a couple of blocks away from the school and on summer mornings when the windows are open (and when traffic is quieter!) we can hear the music and sound of announcements at our house. It reminds me that we are extremely fortunate to live in a close-knit and caring community much more like a small town than a major city, and I smile to think of my 5-year-old daughter enthusiastically soaking up the stretches and new dance moves. She is so thrilled to have been asked to write a routine recently, and have the opportunity to demonstrate it up on the stage. Since the very first day, Overland In Motion has made music and movement a part of her everyday school experience, and this has been instrumental in developing good habits throughout the year – my daughter has great positive energy, is active all day, and stays slim and incredibly healthy.”

Kindergarten Parent

Overland Elementary School

“It makes an impact on his energy level, it makes an impact on his school work, and I just love to see them all doing it in unison. It’s just fantastic.”


“Our PTA has helped start a daily exercise program led by a parent volunteer, Apryl Krakovsky. Overland In Motion has helped students get a great start to their day with the needed movement to be alert and able to focus in the classroom. As a special education teacher at the school, I have seen several of my students improve their morning on-task behavior greatly after doing Overland In Motion.”

Special Education Teacher

Overland Elementary School

“Students come to the classroom more focused and ready to work. They seem to have a better awareness of space too. Overland In Motion allows students to get into their writing activities with more focus and better ‘thinking’ skills.”

Second Grade Teacher

Overland Elementary School

“Before we started this program, kids would come in and they were sleepy and tired and a little droopy. Now they come and they exercise – they move for 15 minutes. Now they come in, they’re awake, they’re alert.”

First Grade Teacher

Overland Elementary School