Moving together every morning for healthier minds, bodies, and attitudes!

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"Things are going great! I now have My School in Motion open to all students 1-5 in the morning. Thank you again - I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!"

Brandi Barbosa

Teacher, Bill Metz Elementary School

"Parents, teachers, students, everybody loves it!!!"

"I heard from the teachers this week that this is the BEST part of their day. My staff are all going into their classrooms happy every morning. Even our food service staff are out there exercising...and lots of parents come in sneakers and sweats...and this gets them motivated to go out for an extended walk after!!!"

Eileen Smith

Principal, Loma Verde Elementary School

"I love what Apryl started at Overland Elementary School. I haven't seen a program quite like it anywhere else. Getting the whole student body moving every morning and having fun is exactly what is needed to stimulate the mind-body connection."

John J. Ratey, M.D.
Author of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain
Little, Brown and Company, 2008

"I have read your manual and followed your videos SO many times since we received them. They are incredible. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your wonderful program.

It is amazing, and I feel so fortunate to have this be an essential part of our school community."

Sloane Kempf

Physical Education, Prairie Ridge Elementary

“There is some real structure to it. She not only has them moving in a synchronized way, but they’re learning nutrition, they’re learning health facts, they’re integrating the academic curriculum, we hear them counting in Spanish, we hear them talking about fruits, vegetables and food groups, geography – talking about living in the state of California. So it’s not just some sort of random movement. It’s really a structured program.”

Nate Whitman, Initiative Director

Active Schools Acceleration Project, an initiative of ChildObesity180

“We live in a country that one out of every 3 people have diabetes. Lack of exercise and knowledge of healthy nutrition are a major cause of diabetes. Overland In Motion doesn’t only get our kids to understand the importance of exercise, Apryl chimes in with nutritional facts. I know first hand that this sticks with my children. I hear about it daily. My children think working out is fun. I watch my kids do jumping jacks and yoga moves, as they show me what they did in Overland In Motion that day. It is always astonishing to me that all the kids are so engaged, as I watch them all in the school yard. It makes me also feel bad that not every school is doing this. I actually thought it was a normal, every school thing.’s not. I look forward to all 4 of my children benefitting from Overland In Motion some day. Thanks Overland!”


Overland Elementary School

“Overland In Motion teaches you how to eat right and stay fit while you exercise and have fun. It keeps me in a better mood.”

5th Grade Boy

“Overland In Motion is great and fun and is an awesome way to get stronger.”

5th Grade Boy

“After they’ve moved in the morning and they go in the classroom, they’re ready to learn. It’s such a great feeling – they feel good about themselves. And we’re seeing results – test scores are going up. It’s great.”

Anna Born

Principal – Overland Elementary School

 “I was very happy when Overland In Motion won the 2010 Governor’s Council Spotlight Award Gold Medal. Research has shown that regular physical activity during childhood and adolescence helps build healthier bones and muscles, increases self-esteem and reduces the risk of diseases such as type-2 diabetes and obesity. In addition, physical activity and fitness has been shown to be highly correlated with academic success. This program helps meet these goals.”

Kenneth Rogers

 Former Director of the Governor’s Council of Physical Fitness and Sports