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Our Plans

Our Plans

My School in Motion! – Individual Access Plan*

$49 Annual Access Fee includes:

Videos for:

  • 70 Fun Heart Pumping and Brain Stimulating Movement Routines
  • Other FUNdaMENTAL Movement and Learning Program Components
  • Getting Ready to Move (Space, Basic Legs & Arms)
  • “Repeat After Me/Do After Me” Daily Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Messages (Focus Attention, Warm-up Body & Foster Social Emotional Learning - “SEL”)
  • Quick Focus Activities
  • Yoga Moves
  • “Good Morning Sky”/Focused Breathing (Daily Yoga Closing/Mindfulness/Cool Down)

Downloadable Comprehensive Program Manual with:

  • Program Overview
  • 180 Daily Movement and Learning Plans (“Dailies”)
  • 18 Special Theme Dailies
  • Written Instructions to supplement 70 Movement Routine Videos
  • Daily Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Messages (foster “SEL” Social Emotional Learning)
  • Learning and Fun Facts (“Talkables”) (support Common Core State Standards)
  • Fitness and Wellness Cognitive Knowledge Assessments
  • Physical Performance Checklist for Teachers
  • Suggested Behavior Management and Discipline Model
  • Daily Self-Reflection/Assessment Sheets
  • Music Playlist of 200 Songs (with specified school-appropriate versions)
  • National Standards for Physical Education and Health
  • Suggestions for Creating Buy-In (including Sample Parent and Community Newsletters)

*Award-winning and kid-tested programming has previously only been available to schools, districts and other youth organizations.

$49 $150

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Every $49 will enable us to provide Access for a family or teacher in underserved communities.

IN Motion! Schools, Districts, and other Youth Organizations receive

  • Full Access to all of the above-listed materials for the entire staff
  • Live Training/Professional Development (in-person or via Zoom)
  • Contact Us for Customized Proposal

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