Moving together every morning for healthier minds, bodies, and attitudes!

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Our Philosophy

Physical activity undertaken at the start of each school day improves students’ mood, focus, physical health, and stimulates brain activity – setting students up for a day of maximum learning – each and every day!

At My School In Motion, we believe that daily morning exercise sets students on a path towards healthy, happy and productive lives.  Moreover, we know that one reaps the benefits of morning exercise each and every day that the exercise is performed.  Just like we need food and sleep, every day, we need to engage in physical activity, every day! 

We also believe that exercise can, and should, be fun!  It’s simple: if you enjoy doing something, you are more likely to keep doing it.  We have our children in school five days a week.  Everyone agrees we need to teach students to read.  It is just as important that we teach them how to take care of themselves – physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Physical and mental health are prerequisites of all learning.

My School In Motion uses the power of movement, music, people, and learning to ensure that students have a positive physical activity experience each and every school day.   Our program is designed to bolster students’ self esteem as they have fun exercising, instilling in them a positive sense of self and school pride, all the while teaching them the requisite skills and knowledge they need to maintain a lifetime of fitness, good health, productivity and happiness.

As if this wasn’t enough, they go into class each and every school day with their brain switches flipped “On.”