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Before cracking a book or lifting a pencil, students at Overland Elementary School are lifting their arms and legs for 15 minutes.

"I like Overland in Motion," said Harrison Zelazik, a fifth grader. "It's fun. It's cool, ‘cause after you wake up you're all tired and here you start moving."

Founded by mother and physical education teacher Apryl Krakovsky, the daily routine has received the attention of fitness-minded First Lady Michelle Obama, acknowledging the school for its program because it’s working inside and out of the classroom.

Fifth grader Kamran Allahverdy said Overland in Motion helps get him "energized for the day.

"It helps me with my grades, helps my brain to work. It helps massively," Allahverdy said.

Krakovsky arrives early to campus every day and sets up a sound system on the blacktop. She was inspired by the school’s lack of physical education.

"Four years ago, three of my four kids were attending this school and it came to my attention that kids weren’t getting enough physical education and activity," she said.

But she doesn’t just turn on music and have the kids do jumping jacks. She researched a formula, a movement routine that incorporates cardio, plyometrics, yoga and stretching.

"A big part of this program is exercise but also teaching them about impact on the brain," Krakovsky said. "Every day we have lessons about nutrition, health, wellness, the power of smile, and how to make smart choices for yourself."

Four years running, the routine has garnered support of the school principal, parents and, most importantly, the students.