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My School In Motion utilizes a music playlist that spans many genres, including current pop, rap, rock n’ roll, R&B, country, classical music and famous speeches. Songs are selected not just to get students moving, but also to inspire, to educate, and to promote individual and school pride.

Music is selected based on the following criteria:

  • Music that is fun and inspirational (tempo, lyrics, beats per minute)
  • Tempo matches type of exercise (cardio v. stretching, yoga)
  • Lyrics reinforce positive behaviors
  • Reinforces learning and wellness messages (e.g. “Set a goal - See it through” - Jordan Sparks’ One Step at a Time)
  • Sets mood for each morning and allows for thematic variations
    • Thematic – holidays, school events, programs and activities, etc.
    • Special Event Days

The My School In Motion playlist includes more than 200 songs. Recommended songs are identified for each movement routine. Some routines have been developed around a specific song, while other routines will work with several recommended song selections.