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My School In Motion provides daily mini-lessons in nutrition, health, movement, physiology, lifestyle/wellness, science and other cross-curricular topics, as well as tie-ins to current events (including international, national, local/school and other current events). The information is delivered through “repeat-after-me” and “call-and-response” techniques, and tied to easy-to-follow kinesthetic movements. The repetition of messages and the connection to movement provides a powerful delivery that improves learning. The mini-lessons support Common Core State Standards as well as state and national standards for physical and health education. The emphasis of these lessons is to educate children and empower them to make their own healthy choices – today – and for their lifetimes!

Current events and other interesting fun facts, which are relevant to students’ lives, are also incorporated into many of the dailies. These facts and mini-lessons are clearly identified and are available online for customized applications on site.