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One person CAN make a difference! 

You can be the champion of fitness and wellness at your school.  

Congratulations on finding a program that you believe fits your school. Now you must present it to your school’s decision makers.

Adopt a smart and systematic approach:

Realize our school leaders are well intentioned but busy. Make it easy for them. Educate yourself on why physical activity belongs IN the school day.  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have an administrator who is open from the outset. Make educating him/her your first “doable” goal.

Positive Mindset Tips:

  • Remember, change does not happen overnight.  
  • Do not be overwhelmed by the big picture!  That kind of thinking often leads to inertia. 
  • Choose to focus on accomplishing one “doable” step at a time.  

Doable steps:

  • Contact Us  (we can answer questions and provide further guidance)
  • Read the book SPARK by John Ratey (educate yourself on “Why Move?” so you can educate others.)
  • Give a copy of SPARK to your principal and other school leaders.
  • Seek out the support of other fitness and wellness minded teachers, parents and other school staff.
  • Show them the My School In Motion program:
            MSIM News Coverage   MSIM Wins National Award
  • Watch the documentary movie Bite Size for inspiration and share it with your school community.
  • Classroom and physical education teachers:  consider adopting the program for your class.