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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it have to be our whole school moving and learning together or can I use the My School In Motion program with my class?

A: While getting your whole school moving and learning together every morning will maximize the potential impact of the program – reaching every student and building a strong school community – we realize that institutional change can be difficult and slow to produce.

Our goal is to enhance the lives of as many schoolchildren as possible. For that reason, we will work with schools that have committed classroom and/or physical education teachers who want to implement the My School In Motion curriculum in their individual classes. Do not be surprised if before long you have your whole grade level moving together…then your entire school!


Q: Do we have to do the My School In Motion program at the beginning of the school day?

A: While implementation at the beginning of the school day ensures that every student starts their school day happy, healthy, and ready to learn, all the benefits (on mood, health, and brain) will be achieved any time of day.


Q: Can we do My School In Motion before school?

A: Despite its fun nature, the My School In Motion program is meant to be an educational experience. While there is only one leader on stage, all classroom teachers do participate — managing their classes, reinforcing cues and assessing student performance. Classroom teachers are also receiving informal training in physical education, nutrition, fitness, wellness, and health. All adults who participate, classroom teachers included, benefit directly from the program. They, like the students, are happier, healthier and ready for their day of work.


Q: Do I have to be a dancer or super coordinated to lead the program?

A: No! The program works because the routines are easy to follow — for everyone.

They were designed to be “movement routines,” not “dances.” The emphasis is on moving, learning and having fun, not on doing each step exactly right, or to a particular beat. CLICK HERE to see samples of our training videos.


Q: Does the program have to be outside on the yard?

A: No. If you have a large enough indoor area to accommodate the participants that is fantastic. What you do need are:

3 foot high raised platform (12’x8’x3’ minimum), speakers, wireless headset microphone, iPod.
(Complete list of equipment is included in Program Manual and available upon request.)


Q: What happens on Rainy Days?

A: Students move and learn inside their classrooms.

This will look differently in each school. Where equipment is available, the program can be led school-wide over the PA system, in others, each classroom might choose their own line-up of routines that are conducive to limited space. Student leaders can be in the front of the classroom to lead on those days.

– Note: The Rainy Day routines can be utilized inside the classroom any day — even the sunniest days — as movement breaks!


Q: We have a full time PE teacher at our school that sees classes throughout the day, why would we adopt the My School In Motion program?

A: It is fantastic that you have a PE teacher, however, it is impossible for that teacher to see every student at the beginning of every school day. My School In Motion will enhance the existing physical education program, build a strong school community, and ensure that every student goes into class happy, focused and ready to learn. The adults on campus will too!


Q: What about our Students with Special Needs? Do they participate?

A: Yes! Yes! Yes!

While all students benefit from daily exercise and My School In Motion's kinesthetic approach to learning, we have observed tremendous results with the special needs students as far as self-confidence, focus, and mood.

Students with special needs move and learn along with the rest of the school team. Since the emphasis is on moving and having fun in accord with each individual’s ability level, not doing a step exactly right, the program is a wonderful opportunity for special learners, who often feel isolated and different, to participate in a self-esteem building experience with the rest of the student body. It is also a unique opportunity for other students to share a positive experience and develop a positive connection with classmates who have special needs.

Teachers of students with special needs also report positive results incorporating the My School In Motion program into their classroom curriculum.